You've found the home of STARK REALITY, created by BMB, but you can call me Cecil! But seriously, this here is the first stages of getting the thousands of STARK REALITY ideas out of my head and onto your visual aides, often known as monitors. I have literally hundreds of pages of thumbnailed ideas, saving them for a rainy day as it were, hoping to have them turned into an animated series. Then I woke up one day and realised, what the hell do I know of animation!? I've been a comic nerd all my life! And so I set about creating an Australian sci/fi anthology comic. It had a couple of false starts but with much appreciated help from Dave Cunning, the Stark Reality Graphic Novels are here and going strong, with volume #3 fast approaching! STARK REALITY is a series of stories all taking place in the same timescape/cityscape, they may be told to you in an non-chronological order, but that�s just because I'm a little bit confused where I am at the best of times! As someone once said, or something similar: There are over 72 billion people in the universe of STARK REALITY, all with a story of their own, and here are just a few of them........ ENJOY! P.s A great big thank you to MICHAEL EVERETT for co-founding the name of this comic, all those years ago!
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crafted with love...and a
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work as a chimney sweep,
buy my graphic novels!


The domain name starkrealitycomic.com is going to expire
10th August and wont be renewed. However! Stark Reality
will still be here for young and old to enjoy, you'll
just have to navigate here via the original url:


So if you've got the expiring one in your
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